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Rollax - truck roller door from Boss MotorbodiesRollax

Rollax is a four tonne rated aluminium sectional door specifically designed by Boss Motorbodies to meet the rigours of the transport industry. Rollax is suitable for use on both general freight and semi-refrigerated vehicles.

The door consists of a series of continuously hinged 200mm wide extruded door panels. Each panel is doubled skinned and strengthened by internal ribs.

Key Features and Benefits

Rollax has a number of outstanding features and benefits that set it apart from other truck roller doors on the market. These include:

  • Exceptional door strength and security.
  • Effortless to open and close.
  • Durable quality components and finish.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Full weather seals that protect freight in transit.
  • Ideal for truck door advertisements.
  • Flush hinges that won't snag on freight.
  • Unobtrusive lintel mounted counterbalance.
Rollax - truck roller door from Boss Motorbodies Rollax - truck roller door from Boss Motorbodies 

Rollax Door Applications

The Rollax Door can be used as either a side or rear door on a variety of vehicle body types including:

  • New and used general freight truck bodies.
  • Semi-refrigerated vehicles.
Rollax - truck roller door from Boss Motorbodies  Rollax - truck roller door from Boss Motorbodies 

The Rollax Door is widely employed on curtain siders of all sizes, Multilock and conventional-style van bodies, furniture vans, dry and temperature controlled trailers, chiller vans, bread and food delivery trucks, and a variety of other types of vehicles.

Rollax - truck roller door from Boss MotorbodiesThe Test of Time

Unlike many doors available on the market, Rollax doors are designed to last as long as the truck body, and to be able to take all the heavy use and knocks that come with the transport industry.

The picture on the right is of a Rollax door that was installed in 1997 on a rental truck. The rental truck is hired out 7 days a week, and can be used for a variety of jobs. These trucks are sometimes treated pretty rough and are exposed to all sorts of conditions. Since being installed, this door has not had any repairs carried out and still glides up and down with ease. A true testament to the quality and performance of a Rollax door.

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